Hebrew frustration

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Hebrew frustration

Post by DavidK »

I am having problems with a paragraph in a normal English style with embedded text that is of a Hebrew character style. When the text is at the end of the paragraph, anything I try to type in English after the Hebrew is inserted before the Hebrew, rather than after, and the English appears backwards. Also, if I try to insert an english word in between two Hebrew phrases, the English letters are backwards (and yes, I have made sure that the English word does not have the Hebrew character style).

I have attached a screen shot, but this issue might be easier resolved by private messages. If you think you can resolve the issue and are willing to give me a phone #, I would be happy to call you.

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Re: Hebrew frustration

Post by ProfT »

You might try this topic: http://www.nisus.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3130 which addressed this issue recently.

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Re: Hebrew frustration

Post by Ruchama »

Without using any defined styles, I could not reproduce this behaviour. Both directionality of letters, and position of words after and inside the hebrew text are ok . I think it may mean that the bug is somewhere in either in tha character-style definition, or paragraph style definition of NWP (or a collision of both) . If you could, type the same text with styles and without, and see whether there is a difference.

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