Converting from Word

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Converting from Word

Post by Mick »

I've been waiting for ages (2 years!) for Nisus to offer mail merge so I can stop using Word. I've just downloaded the demo and noticed a couple of things (which I can solve manually if necessary) which seem odd about importing Word documents.

1) I've lost the logo and text in headers and footers.
2) I have a blank page inserted in the middle of the document.
3) I've lost a diagram from the body of the document.

Are these known limitations of do I have something set incorrectly?

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Re: Converting from Word

Post by martin »

Likely the graphics that went missing are floating graphics, which NWP currently does not import from .doc files. As for the blank page, I couldn't say. Perhaps turning on show invisibles will reveal that it is not actually blank or there is an unexpected page break? It could simply be that layout differences between NWP and Word trigger the blank page in one application but not the other (eg: if a section is set to start on an odd/even page).

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