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Directionality Markers show in print

Posted: 2008-07-26 05:40:28
by Brooke6
When writing English paragraphs with Hebrew words and phrases in them, I use the directionality markers after the Hebrew in order to return to left-to-right typing.

The Directionality Markers show up on screen even when Invisibles are turned off. More importantly, they show up in print, whether as PDFs or actually printing from a printer.

Can this be corrected by some means? If not, I cannot use NWP for my work at all. It never happened for me in NW Classic. Any ideas?


Re: Directionality Markers show in print

Posted: 2008-07-26 09:37:29
by ProfT
I cannot reproduce this occurrence. Although I do not normally insert the directionality markers (I use keyboard shortcuts to move back and forth between Eng. and Heb.) I tried it just now and could not produce the anomaly you describe.

Have you tried switching via Format > Language or the Language icon at the bottom of the document? Do these produce the same results?

I would suggest using the "Send Feedback" feature under the help menu to see if the good folks at Nisus can diagnosis the problem for you.

Re: Directionality Markers show in print

Posted: 2008-07-26 17:56:02
by martin
This is actually a font issue- some fonts seem to treat the directionality characters as printable while most do not. For instance, "Times New Roman" will always draw the markers while "Times" will not. In fact, of many fonts I looked at, only "Times New Roman" and regular "Arial" draw them. Personally I'd consider this a bug in the fonts. There might be a way for us to work around the problem, but for now I think you have to just try a different font, even if only for the markers themselves. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Re: Directionality Markers show in print

Posted: 2008-07-27 05:26:55
by Brooke6
Thanks, ProfT and Martin.

Yes, it was TNR that was drawing the markers. My habit is to enter Hebrew in Lucida Grande and to use TNR or Palatino for the surrounding text, so it was an easy matter to simply select all the directionality markers and change them to Lucida Grande.

(I do wish I knew a single Unicode font that had all the characters for Hebrew, Greek, and transliteration characters; my docs are always a combination of the above three fonts to get in all the characters I need.)

Thanks again for your help!