Opening NW Classic files in NWP

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Opening NW Classic files in NWP

Post by ninjagame »

While I'm quite happy with NWP in general, there are two things I'm still trying to understand:
1. In NWP Preferences I've set the font of New Files to "Century Gothic" and the color to "Blue" (little eccentrity of mine :wink: ). When I open a file created with NW Classic (NWC 6.0.1D, to be exact) in NWP, the font is Arial but the color is still blue. (BTW in the NWP beta versions the font of such files was Times New Roman.)
On the other hand, when I try to open a MS Weird .doc file, the font which is set to "Gill Sans" in the original file changes to "Gill Sans Light"; the color which is set to black in the original file is black for most of the text but some sentences are blue, some others are some kind of green.
Is there any explanation? Or to put the question differently: How can I persuade NWP to open NW Classic files using my "New File" settings?
2. The other thing is some weird behavior in the formatting: The footers of the NW Classic file are completely lost (which BTW doesn't bother me) but the headers are not - that is: on odd pages. On even pages, instead of the even page headers appear the footers of the odd pages.
Anyone any idea what I'm doing wrong?


- ninjagame

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Post by martin »

1. The New File preferences are not applied to existing documents, and there is no way to force NWP to do so. Basically these settings are only used when you create a completely new document.

2. If you have a Classic document that loses information please submit it via the feedback reporter and tell us what is lost exactly.


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