Need an error message

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Need an error message

Post by greenmorpher »

Hi Solanamarians

Great job! Next, the vertical ruler and a thicker cursor option! :D

Now -- a need for an error message. I was trying to enter the name for a new style tonight, but NWP kept refusing to accept it. :?

I didn’t realize, until I examined a screen shot I had taken to demonstrate the problem to you that the problem was with me -- I already had a style with the name I was trying to give to the new style. :oops:

No wonder it wouldn't accept it.

But what I am suggesting is that you need an error message when this happens, rather than the name you have just typed in blinking out when you move the cursor or tab out of the name box.

It is late at night, I was trying to get somethinhg done in a hurry, so I was getting edgy at the apparent recalcitrance of my nice, new Nisus Writer Pro (pauses to gently polish the icon with a genuine chamois). 8)

Cheers, Geoff

Geoffrey Heard, Business Writer & Publisher

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Post by martin »

Thanks Geoff, you're right, NWP should alert you to the problem instead of silently reverting the style name. I'll file a bug.

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