Happy New Year

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Happy New Year

Post by adryan »

G'day, all

Given our relative proximity to the Date Line, Australia is among the first to see the New Year in. So allow me to take this opportunity to thank the entire Nisus community for their collaborative support over the past year, with special thanks to Martin for being such a frequent contributor to the forums.

A Happy New Year to everyone.

Stay well. Don't despair. Keep writing.

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Re: Happy New Year

Post by martin »

A great big thanks to you Adrian and all our Nisus forum-goers, for making this place as helpful and friendly as it is. It's really nice to have such a wonderful group of people here. Nisus is a small company and we're very thankful for all our users!

It's exciting that you're among the first to step forward into 2021, a year which I hope can restore some calm to the world. Warm wishes to all, and a bright and happy New Year! 🥳 🎇

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