converting Pages documents?

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converting Pages documents?

Post by MyronGochnauer »

Can Nisus Writer Pro read documents saved by Pages?

I do not have Pages installed on my MacBook Air. When I double-clicked on a Pages file, NWP came up and purported to open it, without error message. The converted document was blank. The Pages version, as viewed in Preview, had the expected content.

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Re: converting Pages documents?

Post by phspaelti »

I think the Pages format is something particular that can't be opened by others. But there seem to be online converters that you could use to convert it to doc or the docx.

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Re: converting Pages documents?

Post by adryan »

G’day, Philip, Myron et al

I have both NWP and Pages on my MBP, but my experience is the same as yours, Myron.

Pages will not export what it considers to be a “layout” document to RTF. If you Convert to Word Processing (via Page’s File menu) and then export to RTF, you end up wth a blank document. It will export to Word (.docx), but there are significant discrepancies when the exported document is opened in NWP.

So I don’t think Pages plays nicely with others.

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Re: converting Pages documents?

Post by martin »

Nisus Writer Pro has only limited import for Pages documents. As others have mentioned, the Pages format is proprietary. Apple has also changed it several times. Only files using the file format of Pages version 4.x (from iWork '09) are supported by Nisus Writer Pro, and even then the quality of the import will vary.

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