Garbled text from old document Wintext

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Garbled text from old document Wintext

Post by diyarbekri »

Hi everyone,

I have issues, i hope one of yours can help me..

Now, i have old document from a ibook, when i open the file with Nisus Writer Pro, there is to much garbled text, the document cantain Arabic and Turkish characters. Is there any option to solve this problem


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Re: Garbled text from old document Wintext

Post by martin »

When you say "ibook" do you really mean an Apple iBook file? It seems iBooks uses PDF or EPUB data formats, which might explain why your text is garbled. Although Nisus Writer can import text from PDF files, the quality of the text encoding varies widely and depends on a variety of factors, eg: your system version, fonts used in the PDF, how it was originally saved, etc.

If you want to pursue this matter, can you please share the file with us? It would help to know exactly what kind of garbled text is imported. You could attach or link the file here on the forum, or send it to us privately. Using the menu Help > Send Feedback is the best way, but you could just email us directly.

But I don't want to get your hopes up. There may be no good way to fix the garbled text if you don't have the original file that was used to create the iBook.

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Re: Garbled text from old document Wintext

Post by Hamid »

If you still have Wintext app on Classic MacOs, you can salvage the text as explained in this post:

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