How to move/copy styles from one doc to another

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How to move/copy styles from one doc to another

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Can this be done?
I open the Style Library, pick the Style Collection, and then click ACTIVATE. All it does is open a new document with some random text in it. The document I need the styles is remains unchanged with no additional styles.

This seems like a basic feature to me, so I must be doing something wrong - any ideas on how to copy styles from one document to another?


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Re: How to move/copy styles from one doc to another

Post by phspaelti »

From your description of the problem, you already have the styles you want in a Style Library file, and you know how to find the Style Library (files) in the Document Manager. To get styles from there into your current document, you have two options.

(1) With the target document in front, choose Insert > New Style > Import from Style Library…. This will give you a dialog where you click on any styles and/or collections to import.

(2) Using the Document Manager: In the target document, switch to the Style Sheet view. Then from the Document Manager drag any collection (or drag individual styles from the bottom pane) to the style sheet of your target. A "Plus" will appear telling you how many styles this will add.

Apart from this you can just copy text which has the styles you want applied and paste it into the target. This too will add the styles, even if you delete the added text immediately.

  • Note that Method (2) only works if you drag onto the style sheet, or the style palette. If you drag onto the text part of the window, the "plus" appears, but nothing happens.
  • The "new" document you get if you "Open/Activate" the style collection is the actual file where Nisus stores the styles. If you modify it and save you will change the available styles in the library.

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