Calendar Creation made simple

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Ray Carter
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Calendar Creation made simple

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Many years ago, I think using Pagemaker, I created a calendar, of 7 columns, one column (or tab) for each day of the week. Let’s say the first day of the week was Sunday, that day would get the number “1” below its “day” title, for the first day of the month. I created a template of 31 days. So let’s say the next year, the first day of the month “1” began on Monday. All I would have to do is click to the left of the “1” and press SHIFT/TAB, and it would move the “1” to the Monday column, and push all the other numbers ahead one day. If the first day of the month was Tuesday, I would perform the SHIFT/TAB function twice. In creating 12 separate months, I could create a new calendar each year very simply by doing this sequence of events. Is there some way Nisus can perform this same function as simply as I have stated above?

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Re: Calendar Creation made simple

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Welcome to the forums Ray, and thanks for your question.

The quick answer is that yes, Nisus Writer can probably do what you want, one way or another. However, the solution will likely involve a relatively complex macro. Here's a forum post that includes a calendar macro written by Philip. It generates a calendar for the current month. It does approximately what it sounds like you want, though might need some adjusting.

I'll attach Philip's code as a macro file here, so it's easier for you to download and try. I hope that helps. If it doesn't meet your needs, maybe you can post an example document that shows exactly the kind of calendar you'd like to generate.
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