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URL to show new forum posts

Posted: 2019-06-19 22:28:58
by NisusUser
Hi, all,

I have had this bookmark in Firefox to take me to new posts on the forums:

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Now it doesn't work. When I use it, it takes me here:

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That "internal error" page shows a nice little picture of bugs getting away with mischief, but it doesn't help me get to the new posts. Did something change? What URL do I need to use?

Maybe "sid" means "session ID", and it should be eliminated and be like this:

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That works, I guess, but I can't tell since I guess there are no new posts right now. :)

Picture of bugs hauling off equipment, etc.
Picture of bugs hauling off equipment, etc.
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Re: URL to show new forum posts

Posted: 2019-06-20 11:57:21
by martin
Thanks for posting this. I actually didn't know there was a "new posts" search criteria or bookmarkable URL, but that's quite handy. I'm glad you got it working despite your encounter with those mischievous bugs haha!

One potential enhancement is to bookmark the secure "https" URL:

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Generally will automatically redirect any http requests to https, but that doesn't seem to occur on the forum. I'm not sure why.