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Volume does not support Permanent Version Storage

Posted: 2019-04-25 22:18:34
by Bob Stern
Often when I close a document, OS X displays the warning quoted in the subject of this topic. I haven’t figured out what situations trigger this.

I am running the latest version of OS X on a 2017 MacBook Pro with an SSD having only one partition, formatted as APFS Encrypted. The document resides on the internal (startup) volume. Sometimes I have a network volume mounted, but I am not accessing any NWP documents on the network volume.

Re: Volume does not support Permanent Version Storage

Posted: 2019-05-01 12:43:19
by martin
Your description eliminates the obvious causes for that warning, like a network or removable drive. From what you described there should be no problems storing versions of your document.

I have heard of this problem before from other users, but it's rare and sporadic. Unfortunately I have no idea what causes it. Document version storage is handled entirely by Apple. The error you're seeing is not from Nisus Writer, but comes from the system. We just hand off your saved document data to macOS and it's supposed to handle the details of swapping files on disk, preserving prior versions, etc.

If you see this problem reoccur often, we might be able to pursue the matter. Otherwise I think the best advice I can give you is to just close and reopen the file. That usually clears the warning.

Re: Volume does not support Permanent Version Storage

Posted: 2019-05-01 17:39:42
by Bob Stern
After additional experimentation, I think the warning is produced only if I change the name or location of a document in the Finder while the document is open in NWP. The warning seems harmless: if I dismiss the warning dialog and then close the document, I do not lose any edits made to the document, and the warning does not recur when I reopen the document.

I suspect the Finder's Versioning system simply doesn’t work properly if you rename a document while it is open.

(Running Disk Utility did not change this behavior.)