How to do a basic merge with a macro

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How to do a basic merge with a macro

Post by vwnisus »

I have looked at the macro reference file but cannot work out which commands to use to do a basic mail merge with Nisus Writer Pro. I am using 2.1.7 under macOS 10.12.6.

I wish to do the following:

The following files will always be the same (i.e. always have the save file names, and always be located in the same folder on the computer)
1. an existing document with Merge Placeholders (saved to file);
2. a CSV file with the text (this is generated by an external program);
3. output to a file.

I have run the merge manually, successfully. The only merge type command I can find in the macro reference document is "Insert Merge Placeholder name".

Help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How to do a basic merge with a macro

Post by phspaelti »

Hello vw,
if I understand you correctly you want to use a macro to control doing mail merge(s). Have a look at this discussion.
It may be easier to write your own mail merge function rather than using the built-in one.

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