My document prints off-center, despite equal margins.

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My document prints off-center, despite equal margins.

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This problem occurs on some (but not all) non-Apple printers when using the LaserWriter 8 driver. We are working on a permanent fix. In the meantime, if your printing is off-center, there are two solutions for you. One solution is to change to the LaserWriter (7) driver and print. This will not have that problem. Another solution is to change the Reduce or Enlarge percentage in the Page Setup. If you change the percentage to anything other than 100%, your margins will also print correctly. You can change the percentage to 99% or 101%, or you can leave it at 100% and go into the Page Setup's Options (usually a button labeled "Options") and turn on "Precision Bitmap Alignment." This will print as if you set the percentage to 96%. Another choice is to turn on "Precision Bitmap Alignment" <B>and</B> change the percentage to 104%. This should print the document at about 99.8%.

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