Every time I try to send a fax, my computer freezes.

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Every time I try to send a fax, my computer freezes.

Post by martin » 2004-09-08 14:56:19

There was a conflict between an earlier version of WorldScript I and an earlier version of GlobalFax (the irony was not lost on us...). Both products have since been updated, and interestingly, installing a newer version of either one will fix the problem. If you have GlobalFax 2.08a or earlier, you can purchase the upgrade to version 2.5 from Global Village for about $25. The newer version of WorldScript I is included with our Language Key software, but unfortunately, it only works reliably with System 7.5 or later. If you upgrade your system to System 7.5, you can run the Language Key installer again and it will place the proper version of WorldScript I into your Extensions folder.

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