How do I import defined styles?

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How do I import defined styles?

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Defined styles are specific to each document. However, you can import defined styles created in other documents. <OL><LI>Open both documents. The style names contained in each document display at the bottom of the Style menu with the document name (if that document is open and is not the top window).</LI> <LI>Select the text to which you want to apply the defined style.</LI> <LI>Choose the defined style. Nisus Writer automatically applies styles available in the current document.</LI></OL> You can also copy text that contains one or more defined styles and then paste hat text into another document. The text retains those defined styles. All the defined styles that are associated with the text are imported into the new document. The original window must be open as you paste. If not, the pasted text retains all the attributes of the defined styles but loses the defined style names.

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