Does Nisus have an Auto Envelope facility?

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Does Nisus have an Auto Envelope facility?

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Unfortunately, there currently is no auto-envelope facility. I will add this to the feature request list for you. (I have actually requested this myself, recently.) You can use mail merge to make a series of envelopes, if you have an address list (Data Document). You do need to set up your envelope stationery to do this, though. I will give you instructions on what to do. <br> Use the NRA Envelope templates if you have a pre-printed return address on the envelopes. Otherwise, you can use the regular Envelope templates to print the return address as well as the mailing address. Set up the Envelope stationeries this way:<br> <table cellspacing="3"><tr><td><pre>Return Address name<br> R.A. address<br> R.A. city, state zip<br> <br> <<Name>><br> <<Company>><br> <<Address>> <<City>>, <<State>><br> <<Zip>></pre></td> <td valign="top"><span class="p">Set up the NRA Envelope stationeries like so:</span> <br><pre><<Name>><br> <<Company>><br> <<Address>><br> <<City>>, <<State>> <<Zip>></pre></td></tr> </table> <br> If you are not using a Center Feed printer for manual feed for these envelopes, or if you have a special envelope tray, you may need to adjust the location of the inside (text) area on the Layout Page. You don't need to change the margins themselves. You can actually click in the center of the text area when on the Layout Page and drag that to another position, to adjust for your printer. <br> You should save these documents as your own personal envelope stationeries. Next is the setup for the address list, or data document. You should set it up to match the stationeries, using the same field names. The fields can be separated by either tabs or commas. I am using commas here because I can't use/display tabs in an AOL message. <br><b>An example:</b><br> <font face="Courier">Name,Company,Address,City,State,Zip<br> Don,Nisus Software Inc.,107 S. Cedros Ave.,Solana Beach,CA,92075<br> John Doe,,555 First St.,Anytown,USA,55555</font> <br> Continue with your addresses, separating each by a return. For a blank field, like Companu in the case of John Doe above, just type an extra comma, defining that as an empty field. There are no space characters after any of the commas, unless you want those to appear in the document after the merge. <br> If you want to set up your envelope to use the Company name as a variable, where there is no blank line if there is no Company name in the address, use the following setup in your Envelope stationeries:<br> <font face="Courier"><<Name>><<IF Company>><br> <<Company>><<ENDIF>><br> <<Address>><<City>>, <<State>> <<Zip>></font> <br> If there is a Company field defined, the merge will add a return character and the company name after the Name. If there is no Conpany field defined, no return will be added, so there will be no space between the Name and Address.

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