I am new to Nisus Software. What is your philosophy?

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I am new to Nisus Software. What is your philosophy?

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Our mission is to “enable the creativity of the user.”

We try to remove as many (traditional) limitations as possible. (We try never to say “Oh, nobody will need to do that!”) We do not hide features behind multiple layered dialogs, and work hard to make our features as convenient for the user as possible.

Some features in Nisus Writer Classic reflect this philosophy: an editable clipboard, multiple clipboards, (both first introduced by us), a PowerFind and PowerFind Pro feature (within a Word Processor, also pioneered by Nisus), non-contiguous selections and a powerful macro language for customizing features. Other features introduced in Nisus Writer Express for the first time, include the tooldrawer with mouse-controlled intuitive format and view adjustments.

More generally, we strive to have our feature implementations make those little details which we take for granted, easy, useful and non-distracting.

With Nisus Writer Express, we are starting from nothing once more and this means that it will take a few versions to catch up on those little details that make life easy for the user - but you can be sure we will get there soon!

Nisus Writer Express is just the start: There will be other products released that will complement and add to Express, and will also complement in a general way.

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