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by Anne Cuneo
2005-02-03 12:31:51
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Can't re-open file
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I am not sure this is exactly the same bug (for I suppose it is one), but something similar happened to me with Nisus classic files since updating to 10.3.7. I open a Nisus Classic file from NWE. When I save it, it becomes an unreadable document. I have opened and closed Nisus Classic files from NWE...
by Anne Cuneo
2005-02-03 12:22:23
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: That American flag
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American or Union Flags

I don't find Charles' explanation convincing, because you know what? I write in French all the time, or let's say 80% of the time, weeks go by without me writing anything in English with NWE. And this flags have a way of going from the French to the English-speaking ones (usually US). So I don't thi...
by Anne Cuneo
2004-09-23 06:24:24
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Major problems with 2.0
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Major problems with Nisus 2

I really thought, in my deepest mind, that all that was somehow my fault, for doing something foolish without noticing. I have tried to write a long text, and have experienced all the bugs reported here. It is quite true, that it is easy to suppress blank pages, but they have a way of BEING THERE AG...