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by Cypocryphy
2014-03-14 07:41:48
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Topic: older Pleading Page templates
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Re: Pleading Page templates

My first post didn't post, so here's a second attempt:

There are some problems:

The numbers do not line up with the text. Each number should correspond with a line of text
Line number 26 does not offer enough room to type.

Any suggestions?
by Cypocryphy
2014-03-14 07:38:00
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Topic: legal pleading page template
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Re: legal pleading page template

I just wanted to point out one major drawback with these pleadings, and that is the issue with the numbers lining up with the text. Each numbered line should correspond with each line of text, and it does not do that with these templates. Do you know how to make the numbers correspond to the text? A...