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by bpourciau
2004-06-01 13:04:12
Forum: Other Nisus Products
Topic: Footnotes Not Printing
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Footnotes Not Printing

I've got a long document with just two footnotes. The footnotes appear on screen, but they are not printing. The pages where they should be appearing, when printed, show white space where the footnote should be printing. Any thoughts? This is Nisus 5.1.3 --Bruce P
by bpourciau
2004-05-27 17:06:53
Forum: Nisus Writer Express
Topic: Equations in Express
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Equations in Express

One of the features of Nisus classic that made my life easier was the seamless way it worked the equation editor MathType. Does any one know how soon Express might have the same functionality, perhaps with MathMagic? For example, I talking about the ability to double-click an equation and have MathM...